this pregnancy

i don't know if its due to this being our last pregnancy but it seems like its going so much faster than the first time. The stink seems to know that a big change is coming, she is insistent on cuddling me 24/7 and now is even trying to crawl out of her crib at night to come and lie with us! she did not mind the crib after the first week and even would go to it when tired. now she is trying to stay glued to me. not that i mind the cuddle time its the best but it makes me nervous to how she will react when the baby comes and if she will feel pushed aside as i tend to the new one. of course i will try and have her help as much as possible and let her know she is much needed and wanted, but with her being so young still nervous!

    May be "borrow" a baby for an hour or so close to delivery date (several times if possible) and send its mother/father away so you can sit with it just you, your toddler girl and hubby and talk about it to her. What it does, how it eats, that it's okay that it cries, that you're going to have one of these come live in your house soon, etc. Also involve her in getting the nursery ready, etc.
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