Another Rant.....

I'm in deep need of support..I have tried to make this work with my son's father but it is going nowhere,,I really need someone who has been through this to talk to..I can't share the same space with someone who physically cringes at my touch any longer I want to make a change so that my son doesn't have to endure what I did growing up with parents who were in detest with eachother,,please someone anyone I need some direction..I just need to know where to go from here and how to cope with this feeling it is too much for me to keep going on like everything is okay,,I'm tired of pretending and playing so sorry I just can't do this anymore

    I try and talk it out and get the same reaction from him which is we made a mistake and this isn't for counseling he works 2 hours away and sleeps till 3 4 in the afternoon on his days off there is no getting him to talk to anyone,,I talk with his mother and my grandmother they tell me to pray and I do but he won't receive any of it because he is already tuned out of this relationship
    You cant make anyone stay and why would you want to when there is no happiness? I suggest separating if there is no communication on his part to show him your serious and you deserve better! Your son does too! Be strong and keep a positive goal in your mind and go for that.
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