Hi Moms. I need advice, inspiration, and uplifting.

I'm about 13 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I have a little girl that's turning 2 next month. I'm a stay at home mom and am bored out of my mind. I catch myself feeling depressed, alone, bored and unmotivated. My husband works from 7 in the morning and comes home 9 or 10 at night. I only see him in the mornings and on weekends. I have no adult interaction. How do I get myself out of this rut. I also don't want to get post part like I did with my daughter after I give birth.

    We get out as much as we can. It's a lot easier in the summer to go for walks, go play at a park, or just sit in the yard. In the winter I try to take the kids to the mall play area once a month to get out of the house for a fun day.

    Is there a moms group or a play group nearby? Maybe an older lady (grandma/mom type) who wouldn't mind meeting you somewhere for you to visit and for your daughter to get out of the house.

    For me, if I get out of the house, I'm good. I know it's different for everybody but hopefully something helps. I also take magnesium to help keep my mood up. It seems to stave of depression. Exercise helps. For the post partum, I've heard awesome things about placental encapsulation helping stave that off.

    Hugs! you are not alone. :)
    Yes you can take magnesium while pregnant. I don't know how it is in New York. The prices for around here (South Dakota) were around $150. You'd have to find a doula or midwife to know who to talk to.. Try this website. http://doula-services.com/new-york-doulas/

    You can do it at home if you want.. I know I found instructions at one point... But if I were to do it, I'd pay somebody. Ashwaganha also helps with those hormones and is safe while breastfeeding, but I don't know if it's safe while pregnant.
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