I'm getting so frustrated at my niece and nephew's daycare. It seems like my nephew spends more time out of it because he's "sick" than his sister. The daycare calls my sister-in-law almost 2 times a week saying she needs to pick up Eli. They refuse to drop the tuition rate per month even though he's not there clearly all month long. I'm getting so tired of it that I'm tempted to have her pull them both out and have me watch them full time. I know it's state code when a child gets sick, but when Eli is teething he gets a slight fever. Like .2 degrees higher than normal and his daycare wants him out until his fever goes down (24 hours away from daycare).

my sister-in-law asked other parents if they get called whenever their child is "sick" and they say no, and some of the other kids are worse than Eli usually. I can understand sending a child home if they are physically sick, but to send one child home because they feel warmer than the others is crazy. Eli's sister had a case of RSV and the daycare still let her stay there because "it wasn't contagious". My mother-in-law was pissed as hell that day. The twins clearly got sick while being at daycare.
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