Internet time limits

One more school year almost have come to an end and my son will have more free time for the next 3 months. So, I'm wondering how much time you allow your teen ( or would allow) to be on the internet?

    Seiconies Wilson
    They're only allowed two hours of TV time, which means the same for computer. Depending on how old he is, he can get a summer job making money or he can go and cut neighbors yard for about $10 a yard! That's just my opinion
      unless its involves research our 12 year does not really get on the internet. he gets a hour of game time daily if wanted but we encourage reading,writing, arts/crafts and outdoor activities. having caught him with a fake facebook profile claiming he was 30 helped make this decision :( all games and shows he watches with us are all pg 13 or family for everyone rated.
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        I would love to know how you get your kids to turn off the electronics without any complaints. haha.
          I have a 12,6, &4 yr old. And I've never had to set limits on their Internet usage. My 12 yr old isn't athletic at all and wants to be a web/Game designer so he constantly wants to read and watch videos and try things to learn his craft. He still plays outside and has played school sports for socialization but how can I put limits on something he loves and wants to start a career in? My 6 and 4 yr old are use the Nabi and iPad with Internet access restrictions to protect them but they can goes days without picking up the device then some days they want to use it for a couple hours and play together or watch movies on netflix. They are active entertaining boys and prefer to be outside. So I guess my point is it depends on the kid and their level of responsibility and addiction to things.
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