I got most of the garden planted. I'm just waiting to plant a few more things when my husband is done with the digging. I'm feeling kinda sore but also glad to get this done.

It's so hard for me to not do too much.
I planted corn, lettuce, kale, bell peppers, peas, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and cabbage. Hopefully it all does well/.
    Melissa Middleton
    You are like me after I had a C-Section. No use in telling you to slow down, either. Lol
    I hope you all are doing well. I enjoy gardening as well; we planted some stuff today and over the weekend.
    I am hard to keep down! Lol even the day I had my c-section I worked that night from the hospital since they have wifi. Lol in my mind once they let you go home from the hospital then you are all better! Lol
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