One of those days...

where no matter what you do you just can't make anyone happy. There have been very few days since having my c-section and tubal just 12 days ago that I haven't cleaned the house, made all the meals, plus worked in the evenings, done the grocery shopping, planted the garden, taken care of two kids mostly alone, kept up on the laundry except the ironing...and yet it's still not enough for some people. Apparently I should already have my old body back...not my pre-pregnancy body but my pre-two kids body, make sure the ironing is done everyday, and still somehow manage to do the yard work I did last Spring and summer and keep up on school...apparently I am failing at having two kids and being a good wife and mother. Gotta love the opinions of people on the outside who are looking in. Sorry, I needed to vent a little. I'm a little overwhelmed and a lot emotional today. I can't wait until these hormones are back under control!

    It would be nice if people kept their thoughts to themselves. Normally I don't care what anyone says but these hormones are making me a little nuts these days. Lol
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