Accepting life as it comes

The farther along we get in my step daughter pregnancy the more I realize I'm going to end up raising this baby she's just not mature enough and only cares about herself she won't even pick up after herself after she makes a mess or do her own laundry and is constantly making comments that I'm gonna have to change diapers cuz she doesn't like poop and how much fun she's going to have once she's done being pregnant

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
    A child needs parents who will love and care for him. If her attitude doesn't change soon, I'd talk to my husband about adopting the baby. Why raise a child for her but have no say in the child's life? She may resent that suggestion or be happy about it. If she doesn't want the responsibility of motherhood, then she may be relieved by the idea that the end of her pregnancy is the end of her burden.
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