Wisdom teeth surgery

I took my 17 year old SS to the Dentist today. I found out that he is going to have to have all 4 of his wisdom teeth cut out, as in cut out on May 16. Next Saturday. We told his mother, and she completely flipped out. Doesn't want it done, a whole hysterical dramatic act. My husband called her back when he got home and tried to explain it to her. She still didn't get it. Apparently we will be gifted with her company at the appointment because she wants to be there in case he hemorrhages and bleeds to death from having his teeth taken out. She prefers he wait until he is an adult, it has messed up his teeth since they are iimpacted, and he is not covered by insurance any longer. Even explaining it to her was horrendous. She simply can't grasp the concept.

7Kimberly AcordGlen Fork, West Virginia
7Kimberly Acord
Technically his dad can decide because we have primary custody. She is just determined to make it as difficult and stressful as she can just because that is who she is. He is going ahead with having them removed, and we are just hoping that she changes her mind and doesn't come. My husband can't tell her not to, because she is his mom. So, lol, looks like we just have to plan for the melodramatics and deal with it as it comes.
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