ouch! sad day

well my step son went back to his mothers today. he threatened to burn our house down while we slept and to do whatever it took to the other kids (physical bodily harm) to get out of here. he said he didn't want our rules or any love from us. that he would rather go back to his moms where he was not wanted and take her displeasure and any abuse then stay with us. when we talked to his mother she informed us that he cant be left alone with small children and she knew he was "f'd up" but sent him anyway hoping that a stable home would alter it, thanks for trying but she expected this. i wish we would of known these things from the beginning! he he had started eye twitching and slamming his body into things and laughing during painful rants. since the legal documents had not been signed she took him back and now he said he refuses to see us on his weekends. we make him feel bad about the bad things he wants to do and its easier for him this way. plus we have him go to church and his moms family is into aliens and witch craft which has less consequences for his actions. he said he rather not feel and just do what he wants. at a loss and still in shock...

    I'm so sorry Jen..I know it must be hard when you attempt to give affection and care to someone who refuses it,,I will pray for you and your family and stepson..in this time you and your husband should pray together and turn to God,,we can't always go through hard times alone He is there to lift us up in times of turmoil..Hugs mommy your family will persevere
    I can under stand why that must make him uncomfortable and lash out maybe because he is confused..I'm so happy to hear that you are strong in faith at this time,,keep on keeping on mommy time and prayer will heal all
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