For YOU.. the Mom!

Looking back.. before perhaps having each kiddo.. is there anything you wish you would have done for YOURSELF? As a woman?

It could be anything.. a pedi, mani, downtime, a quick getaway, a shopping spree, a yoga class.. something for you as you grow and take care of this little being inside you?

I think sometimes Moms forget about themselves.. I hope you ladies never ever do! You are all so inspiring! Thank you so much :)​

    The one thing I miss the MOST and have always Loved... is going to the movies... Mostly alone.. I've always loved to go to the movies and with kids.. .it's just hard... and when you DO get a few hours to yourself.. you end up trying to get things done, errands or see friends that you've missed or hang with your husband and talk and chat... Still.. for me... when the kids are with their dad for a weekend... The first thing I think about is all the movies I'm going to just sit in the dark and watch... Of course I rarely actually go... for the same excuse above... see friends, hike... etc...

    But man... I do love the movies... And I Love going to them alone... I have a good friend who is 43 and STILL wont go to a movie alone... she is missing out!!!!!
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        8Theresa Gould
        I've put exercise on hold for kids and work. I think it'd be fun to have been able to go for an early morning swim or walk alone, not that we've always had a place to walk where I felt comfortable walking alone. Now we do.
          8Theresa Gould
          Well, Meg, we got to the basketball court once last week, once this week and we are planning to go again today. We are just shooting hoops but it's better than being sedentary! Baby steps....
            oh yes first finish my classes at the university I was about to graduate when I had my son and learned how to cook....and loose weight before having him and now with my second one I wish I would have waited a bit longer to come out pregnant again
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