Small Vent

I hope the moms don't mind, but may I vent for just a moment? My 3 1/2 month old daughter is precious, happy, and loveable. That being said, sometimes she simply exhausts me! She's at a stage (at least I hope it's a stage!) where she wants to be carried and walked.....and walked, and walked. Her naps last about 20 minutes, if that. And my loving husband thinks that as long as he's home, he's helping. Well, right now he's outside playing with his boat getting it ready for Memorial Day weekend! Then he'll sit on the riding mower and mow the lawn for a few hours....If he plays it right, he'll come in when she's bathed, fed, and ready for bed! I'm just a little, AGH!! And need about a 4 hour nap....Vent done, thanks everyone for listening :-)

    sorry to tell u this but its not a stage you will need to have a bit of tough love and buy a swing for ur precious child because right now she weights a little bit but soon she will be bigger and your back is going to hurt alot ....i know because that happened to me with my first child i used to carry him alot and eventually he grew and he was heavier and still wanted mommy to walk him and carry him.... so little by little you need to get ur child to sleep on their own ... get her tired by playing with her and limit nap times to 15 minutes she will soon start sleeping more....hugs