Dr. appointment tmr...

So I have my first post op, post baby appointment tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about what he is going to say. I've been overdoing it just a bit. The last week I've been bleeding really bad and noticed that some of my internal stitches have come through my c-section incision and are hanging out. Hopefully he will just tell me to take it easy. Lol not that it will happen...I'm not very good at that.

    I am sure that you'll be fine, I overdid with my first one and was just told to take it easy after I ended up in the emergency room for hemoreging(can't spell today), but I was fine and there was nothing more that they could do. But It is easier said then done when they tell you to take it easy, especially when you have little ones, they do not understand that you cannot run around and do everything that they want with them.
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