Fear of the Vacuum cleaner??

My five month old has developed this sudden fear to the sound of the vacuum cleaner be run; she starting screaming and crying every time we tried to turn the vacuum cleaner on yesterday. This is weird in the sense that any time prior to this, I could run the vacuum cleaner and she would just sit there peacefully, but not anymore............has anyone ever had this happen??

    Oh yes, all mine have gone through the stage. My one year old is starting to get out of it. She gets put on the couch while the cleaner is on.
      My daughter use to love the vacuum cleaner then she hated and she ia finally starting to be ok with it again and my son is a little over a year and we havent went throught that yet and hopefully we wont go through it
        Melissa Middleton
        I have tried holding my son while I vacuum, which doesn't work. He gets very hysterical whenever I vacuum so I have to put him in another room while I vacuum our bedroom (all other floors have are hard). When he was a younger infant, I could vacuum and he wouldn't be bothered by it. This fear developed around 10 or 11 months old.
          I put Grace on the couch. The big kids made a game out of it so she wouldn't cry. She would (and still does) sit on my lap when I use the hose. Now when the vacuum comes out, she climbs up on the couch. When it gets shut off, she comes over and yells at the vacuum.
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