good morning ladies, how is your day going???

me i just woke up early because my newborn is fully awake making lots of happy noises and my toddler is still sleeping ....i didnt go to bed last night til 3 a.m. and im tired and once my toddler wakes up theres no break for mommy all ..and hes now staritng to make lots of tantrums and i get a bit irritated because when im trying to eat anything he wants it so im unable to grab a bite ....i need him to stop doing that ...any advice is helpful thnx

    My son is like that and it's hard to resist when they are wanting to eat. Sometimes now I just make him his own food and tell him he isn't allowed to eat mine any longer. Sometimes I will make extra and put it on my plate so that I have enough for both of us.
    i do that but still he tantrums when i try to get a bite and now i tell him to stop that even before we eat and i just try to be patient but its tough i have lost 25 lbs since i had my newborn 3 months ago but i still have the pregnancy belly and people still think im pregnant
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