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The great "new" tend in noticing with younger (think teen to early twenties) and mom's with multiple young children is to put cereal in their bottles as early as one week old! They complain they don't have time to feed then as constantly as they are asking or they want them to sleep, or send that are just always hungry. I didn't give Stink cereal till after six months. It did not make her sleep any better or less. It just seems every other day I'm reading of a mom doing this or asking advice on how much to give their new born. :(

    No cereal in the bottles! Totally against it! Giving cereal before 4 to 6 months may also increase the risk of food allergies
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      If you don't have the time for your child(ren) or are too young to understand how many times a baby needs to be fed, then you shouldn't have any...My daughter was exclusively breast fed until she was six months (mind you, I work a full time job) and no matter how frustrating it was, I fed her on demand.
      I agree that some don't need children. But once they are here... What can you do? Most are just acessories to be dressed up and cute and they don't understand how much work, love, dedication and being unselfish goes into motherhood. When a girl who is twenty argues I have four kids I know what I'm doing by now. I can only shake my head and be surprised they have made it this far! Sex Ed courses may have to start including parenting basics.... :(
        Some situations make it nessicary though like my nephew who was born with his intestines on the outside had to have cereal from birth so he could properly gain weight and keep things down, and my newest nefew has to have it because he has severe acid reflux. I totally agree if you don't have to you shouldn't until 4 months at least but I also understand that sometimes there's a medical need for it.
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