Is organic really better? What do you think?

I don't eat organic 100% but if something is on sale I would prefer to buy organic

    We eat as much organic food as possible, I say about 70% of the food we have is organic. It's best to get food that hasn't been genetically modified (GMO's) and sprayed with pesticide & chemicals. It's hard when you're on a tight budget but it's best to go to discount stores that have some organic food that's still good not expired.
      I do believe organic is better, but it's not always affordable. Organic means different things in different places, too, and some small-scale produce and food producers grow higher-quality food than large-scale organic farms, but aren't able to get the organic label. I try to buy local, organic produce and meat whenever I can. We also grow as much as we're able and hope to do more in the future.
        My friends buy organic but I have never really understood the trend. I was raised on non organic everything and am healthy for the most part so I don't understand the difference. My foods are basic every week beef chicken turkey rice potatoes veggies. I don't vary out much to seafood and foods I don't understand lol idk I guess once I can get a solid answer on the differences then I'll decide
          We have a huge vegetable garden and a smaller herb garden in our backyard that we never use herbicides or pesticides on them. My husband is a spray applicator for CHS and his job is to run a big machine and spray crops with so many chemicals to kill home we try to eat as healthy as possible but we live in a small town and 75 miles away from the nearest Walmart so it can be tricky finding organic.
            Seiconies Wilson
            Sometimes it's good to have organic in your diet because it can balance out your natural way of cooking
              Melissa Middleton
              It is more expensive but, unfortunately, I am allergic to the pesticides they spray on them. Washing them off does not help much because it is still within the fruit. I am even allergic to the antibiotics and other things they put in non grass fed chicken. If it is in the thick plastic bags, I break out in an unfriendly rash all over my hands and it makes my throat itch after I cook it.
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