What is Something you wish you had done when you were pregnant??

I was just commenting to Meg, who has Popped a little that she should take monthly pics of her growing belly... I only took a late picture and of course we have photos throughout, but nothing with me, standing sideways with my belly growing... I kind of wish I had...

Anyone wish they had done something with their pregnancy?

A belly cast? A photographer to take some special pregnancy pics? 3D or something ultrasound? Video???​

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    LOL... I KNOW.. A body cast would be cool but then what? Do you mount it on the wall like some horns?? I figured it would just be another thing taking up room in a white bag in my closet... like my wedding dress... Boxes of baby stuff I can't let go of...
    But a body cast? I feel that would be weird to just run across one day... lol
      8Theresa Gould
      I did take photos in most of my pregnancies and got really lax with the later ones. A belly cast never really appealed to me.
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