Husband drive me crazy

I swear that my husband pms more then i do. It feel like once or twice a week he is in a mood. It drives me crazy. Also when I try and talk to him about stuff I feel like I am talking to the wall because he doesn't talk to me. After I say something and he doesn't answer I go nice talking to you also

    I feel the same way at times, but I must say that patience is a big asset that I am working on. Mine is a great financially supportive but anything else it's like pulling teeth if that's even an expression...It can be very frustrating to the point that I feel like choking him and his son. Thank god for our baby, she gives me lots of patience that I ever had before. Hang in there and if needs be just go outside or in a different room to breath, it has worked for me or also ignoring him at times also works. Feel free to contact me if you need to talk.
      You need to sit him down and tell him about these frequent moods he has and ask him what's going on. He seems to have communication issues but you have to at least point it out and make him aware and accountable for it because it's affecting you. I had this same issue with my husband who is the bread winner and I take care of house and family. Which is not always a fair thing and I let him know. But his moods were from his job and the stress of financially feeling alone. He finally opened up to me and by me taking a role as organizer and payer of things he has loosened up. Men can't handle too much on their plate so we have to sometimes take on extra lol. He still has the occasional attitude or mood but I point it out early and he apologizes and corrects it. I tried the silent treatment but it just made him think I was pissed off at him and we argued more. Just be upfront and let him see he has somewhere to vent and help if needed but you don't have to take his attitudes or moods onto yourself
      we both work and he think i should do the house stuff all by myself when my job i am always on my feet and running around and putting up with people. well he just sit at a computer and only have a few people. like taking care of our daughter and working i also have to cook and clean and do the dishes. i ask him one day to do the dishes because i work on Saturday and he said no.
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