When did ( or will ) your kids have to give up their Blankie (or like)?

My daughter has a tiny little pink blanket with a lamb head on it.. it's so sweet and soft and was given to her by my mom when she was born.. She sleeps with it every night and when tired at the end, it's with her and she brings it out in the morning... She's 6 now and her dependency on it is not big, but she does "need" it for bed... Which if it's missing can be a stage 4 alarm...

My son, who is 9 has "piggy".. which is a small stuffed pig and remains on his bed... he doesn't NEED it.. he can sleep without it and if he's with his dad, then I don't pack it... But it's his and it's special...

I only have a problem with a school age child that is so attached to something that they have it at the park or market, etc... I get it.. But, I always.. once they were toddler ish.. .made the rule that it stays on their bed and at home... I knew I would lose it or drop it and those things get filthy... SO, I guess I don't really care if they have something at night... I know that they will eventually grow from it... or not... could go to college with them.. But then I STILL have my orange, ugly, eyeless, noseless, tailless, stuffed puppy from my early days.. and it's stlll on my dresser... But I can sleep without it... LOL​

    8Theresa Gould
    Only my older girls really seemed to latch onto something (blankie and an Eeyore) and my oldest still sleeps with the Tigger pillow I made for her out of an old sweatshirt of my husbands. I guess I did let them take thing with them up until a certain age and then it was left at home or at least in the car.
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