Poor girl...

Had to take baby girl to the doc today because of a bad rash. Doc said she has a few things going on, a yeast rash on her backside and on her neck and back of her head, and the start of eczema all over her face and the rest of her body. No wonder my poor girl has been grumpy! But even with that she has been eating well, she 11 lbs 4 oz at 5 1/2 weeks old.

Hopefully the cream they gave us gets rid of the yeast infection. Doc told me to keep putting the coconut oil on the rest of it...it really is amazing stuff!
    Bethany Reilly
    I took Elianna to get weighed yesterday and she's 13.11! She's almost doubled her birth weight! Woohoo for breastfed baby rolls!
      She is doing SO much better. We've only used the cream a few times and already she is so much less grumpy. She woke up this morning happy and smiling and wanting to play. Plus she has already been sleeping better again.
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