Homemade Ornaments

​1 1/2 cup Flour ​
1 1/2 cup salt

1 cup water

set oven at 200 degrees

mix until dough like , then roll out on wax paper and create anything you want .... this is also great for making hand prints and foot print impressions of little ones :) ...to decorate i use elmers glue that's colored or has glitter seems to be the only thing to keep it's color when baked

Bake for 3 hrs on @ 200 remove and let cool completely

if you are going to make hanging ornaments be sure to make a hole for string before you decorate and bake i try to stay about a inch to half inch away from edges :)

enjoy the fun ......

Homemade OrnamentsHomemade Ornaments
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    So cute, you can add cinnamon to make them smell good also :)
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