Tossing and turnibg

Hey everybody.... So my soon to be 10 month old keeps tossing and turning every night not getting a good nights sleep... She will also sit up and then let herself just fall back on to the bed to sleep. I'll wake up and she is in all different kinds of position.... We do cosleep at the moment because of our circumstances.... I wonder if this has happened to any other mommy and what advice were you given to help it?

    My kids do that. Heck, their dad does that. It does seem to be a little better if they get tuckered out during the day, white noise helps... I don't notice any difference between co sleeping nights and nights where they actually stay in their bed.
      Megan Gibbs
      I cosleep with my youngest and I find putting a hand on his chest or patting his back calms him and he falls back asleep. Maybe try that? The trick is to do it while she's still asleep mostly, if you can.
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