Things to do.

Im stuck in the hostpial. Things to past the time.. Any ideas​

Great ideas!
    I know it is a lot late but nest time you are at the hospital if you are in th emergency room area and have nothing else to pass the time with reading the pamphlets that you find around the area is one good and educational way to pass the time. Have family members go collect them around the waiting area if you are actually back in the ER or collect them while you are in the waiting area to take back into the ER with you. Typically there are a few magazines or newspapers to pass the time with in the waiting area. Sometimes they have different pamphlets in the waiting area of the ER than they do in the waiting area of the lab which are a different collection of pamphlets than you can find in other areas of the hospital. Sometimes it is fun to wander the hospital looking for different collections of pamphlets to read through or to collect them for a family member who is at the hospital to read through.
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