Hey y'all! I wanted to update everyone about yesterday. I have not been feeling the greatest the past couple of weeks, but didn't think much on it. On Tuesday evening I began having abdominal pain and cramping and didn't think much of it at first. It got worse by the morning so I went to see my family dr. They tested me for pregnancy before further testing to see if it was my appendix. Sure enough I was Pregnant! Crazy?! I have my tubes tied so we had to find out immediately by ultrasound where the baby was. It ended up being ectopic and I was about 6 weeks along. The cramping was my body trying to abort the baby. Thankfully I had a lot of amazing nurses and doctors at Westlake Primary Care and Taylor Regional Hospital in Campbellsville that remained calm with me during the time spent that could have turned for the worse. The kids were able to go to their Aunt's and play with their cousin for a few days while I recovered. The surgery went good and little damage. I am very thankful for all the people I have in my life and surrounding us! When I tell you I was not scared I mean it. I am fine. Thomas was able to be my side and is such an amazing husband I am so lucky. I had a surrounding of calmness yesterday that cannot be explained other than I have an Amazing God and guardian Angel. I go back to the dr tomorrow for a checkup.

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