Worst Day of My Life

Yesterday morning I was in a car accident. I was turning left at a stop light, and I was t-boned on the driver side rear door. Penelope's car seat was in the middle in the back.
We were hit so hard the car did a 180. When we stopped moving, I jumped out and ran around the car to grab Penny.
We were taken to the hospital and checked out. Everyone is okay, including the unborn baby.
I couldn't sleep last night because I couldn't stop thinking about the other car smashing into us. I couldn't breathe.. I just want to cry.. I was horrified.. And I am so thankful that my babies are fine.

    That is scary. Thankful everybody is ok!
      How scary! Glad everyone is ok!!!!
        Wow! Hugs! I'm glad you and your babies are okay!!!
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