I HATE this heat!!

So Washington never really gets extremely warm in the spring, but this weekend it was in the high 80's. James loves being outside all day, so he was covered in sunscreen. Last night however, he was not acting his usual self, and was very tired, extremely warm (100.2 degrees) and just didn't feel well. He woke up screaming at 1:15 this morning, and about 20 minutes later when I had drifted back to sleep, I woke up to him puking all over :( my poor baby!!! my mother-in-law and I cleaned him up, gave him tylenol and more fluids and now he seems to be okay, but that was the most scared I've been in a long long time. My mother-in-law pointed out that James is lucky I wake up constantly through out the night. I don't sleep when he's not feeling well.

    Melissa Middleton
    Poor baby. :( The heat makes my hubby and mother sick as well. I hope he is feeling well today.
    he woke up screaming again around 4am, and now he's passed out laying next to me in my bed.
    we have our fan going. He won't keep anything on his head, so we have my chill pack resting on the back of his neck, as he's snuggled up with me.
    Washington rarely gets that hot. James still isn't acting quite himself, so his doctor just told me to keep a really close eye on him.
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