Overnight Potty Training Help

So my son turned 4 a month ago and still wears pull-ups overnight. Frustrating!!! I have tried talking to him about it, waking him up during the night, and even only wearing underwear. Nothing works?? Am I rushing him?? Seems he should be able to not pee in his pants anymore.

    Every kid is different. It seems that boys take a little longer to be trained at night. With my son (5), we limit his drinks to one cup of water after 4 pm-unless he's playing outside-don't want him to get dehydrated. We go to bed about 8:30. Make sure he pees before bed. But there is still a mattress protector and extra towel under him when he sleeps. He just doesn't wake up. He decided he was 'ready' to be in underwear all night because he spent the night with cousins and they wore underwear all night, he didn't want to be a baby (his words, I wasn't going to rush him). My 3 year old girl gets the same, but doesn't need the extra protection under the sheet because it does wake her up if she has to pee. But that's seldom as drinks and snacks after dinner are very limited. One of my nephews couldn't be out of pullups until he was 9.

    I started by limiting drinks and explaining to him he couldn't drink so much before bed because he needed to stop peeing his pants. Once he got used to that and had dry pullups every morning for a week, we started trying underwear. There's still a few nights where he wets the bed, but not many anymore.
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