I hate early morning ER visits...

Had to take my little boy to the ER at like, midnight. He had a 101 fever, at least, rapid breathing, chills, and a small cough. I was sure it was the flu, and Tylenol and Motrin only worked for about an hour. I get there and of course, at midnight, there's a line. As I'm waiting, I'm smiling a little because he seems happier, of course now that we're at the ER, when he vomits all over me. I'm in shock and just let him finish, and thankful that at least one other person helps out. I take it into the bathroom and someone calls the nurses and has a janitor come out. So I'm embarrassed and reek., but the nurse is ready for me after I'm as cleaned up as I can be.

I get in there and he starts jerking around, almost like what I imagine a seizure would be, but just a couple jerks. The computer is acting up, so it's being super slow to check us in, and while we wait he gets his vitals checked and temperature taken. One hundred and four, let me repeat that, HIS TEMPERATURE WAS 104! Now I'm really freaking out, wondering why we're not being rushed to a shower or a tub of ice. The ER doc pops his head in, asks what's up and I tell him and bring up the twitching. He mumbles something about the muscles doing something to bring down the fever. THE 104 DEGREE FEVER! So, anyway, I'm still being "checked in" and they try to give him Tylenol, but it just is brought back up on me, almost instantly. They give him anti-nausea pills, then finally get us to a room.

While in the room, they wait a few for the pills to work, but he still can't stomach it (not that I blame him, the Tylenol didn't smell very good, bubble gum is all his big sister can take, so I'm not really surprised). Over the next several hours we're rarely seen, and only by nurses. His fever gradually goes down because it's freezing in there (remember, I'm soaked so I'm dying) and he starts playing. They give us some pedialite, which doesn't taste very good at all, I tried it, so he doesn't drink it. A nurse comes in and checked his temp and it's 99. It's finally down, thank goodness.

The ER doc finally comes in and just says, "Looks like it's a virus (no, really???). Just keep and eye on his temperature and we're always here if you're concerned." Then leaves. He seems annoyed that I'm there. I'm just thinking, "Okay, I understand that you're busy, but can you at least check him yourself? And I'm sorry my being here is such a inconvenience, HIS FEVER WAS 104!"

So after all that, I get home and he's fighting sleep like a mother. I'm just in my undies, which reek, and I can smell the vomit in my hair. I just want him to go to sleep so I can shower and sleep myself. When my man's alarm finally goes off at 4am, I'm clutching the wailing baby, crying that I just want to sleep. We all jump into the shower and he finally knocks out around 5am.

How was your night lol

Megan GibbsMountain Home, Idaho
Megan Gibbs
Turns out it was roseola or whatever it's called lol and hand, foot, and mouth. But the hand, foot, and mouth part wasn't actually diagnosed by his doctor. But he had blisters on his hands and feet. None in the mouth, not that he complained about anyway. He also had a few on his butt.
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Finally got a job. Jack in the Box. Not much, but it's something. I'm divorced but in a new, better relationship and he's my new son's father. I'm very happy to have him in my life (my ex is a free loader, currently living out of his car).