Getting My 3 Year Old Ready

It was so easy to get my son ready to be a big brother. He was 5 when she was born. But Justice still wants to sit on my lap, cry to get her way, and try out the bottles and pacifiers I've recently purchased. I worry about upsetting her emotional balance by rushing her into a more interesting (possibly more appropriate LOL) stage in her development. I am tempted to thrust her into certain maturity she's clearly not ready for...

So before I take any leaps, besides removing the bottles and pacifiers from her reach, I would prefer to ask you what your ideas, experiences, and best suggestions are.

I've tried preparation videos, baby dolls that eat and pee. She's not interested. Help? ​

Sabrina AbbottReno, Nevada
    Sabrina Abbott
    Or, advice on staying sane while dealing with two babies at one time ;-) whichever would be greatly appreciated!
      Mine were only about 11 months apart but theres a Dora dvd called Big sister and I liked that and it helped a little(maybe lol).
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