It's Been A While

Hiya, Moms!
I've not been on here in some time, though I had intended to keep up with it more, life was once again deciding that hectic and tiresome was the way to be >.<

Nina's 2 now, and as adorable as ever, if not more so (I don't understand how she keeps getting cuter). I'm pregnant again, too! As before, it wasn't planned though I was on birth control but we've decided to roll with it. At least this time we knew before 6 months in! I'm currently about 16 weeks in, and next month we'll be able to find out the gender!

Trevor really wants a boy, but at the same time also says he'd miss the greeting that has been his to say every day he gets to come home to myself, Nina, and the puppy, Eri, "How are my girls?!" I'd be fine with either gender, though it'd be nice to have one of each, but at the same time, it'd be nice to have another girl lol.

Our main issue for now, though, is names. I get to pick for a girl, and he gets to pick for a boy, but we both have veto rights. I promised him a long time ago that if we had a boy some day, he could name the baby after a book character we both love, Elodin (which I know, is a little strange but I've heard faaaaar stranger lol). I'm not sure about a girl name, yet...It's mostly the middle name I get stuck on constantly. I've thought about Karigan, a book character I like a lot, but that middle name again gets me...I don't like names that get shortened, usually. Like, Karigan could be shortened to Kari, and I have a cousin named Kerry who I'm not fond of XD Nina was originally going to be named Karigan, but when thinking of middle names I came up with Nina, which was too pretty to be just a middle we'll see what happens in a month when we find out!

How have you ladies been?

    Hey! It has been a while! Glad everything is going well. Congrats on the new baby...that's awesome! We just had our second, a little girl. Tristen is still not really liking being a big brother.
    It's good to see an update from ya :-)
      Melissa Middleton
      Hey, Morgan! So glad to see you back on Moms again. Congrats on the pregnancy. :) I like the name Karigan, too. I'll be waiting to see what gender the baby is.

      I found out over a week ago I was pregnant. We've picked a name for a girl so far but the debate continues for a boy--hubby doesn't like any of the names I like. He wants to name the child Richard, if a boy, and absolutely not is my opinion.
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