having signs of pregnancy

So my husband and I started trying at the beginning of the month to have a baby and now I have a lite of the signs of being pregnant but the tests I have taken all come out negative and stuff, so I don't know what to do, HELP!

    Yeah but I have tried to ignore them and it does not help, it also happened with our first as well but I had the morning sickness on top of everything else, now I just eat alote and am really tired all the time, I am just really confused because this is not the norm for me?
      Yeah it can and that is what I thought it was, can your mind be playing tricks when you feel sick during intercourse at all?
        Yeah that is what it is coming down to thanks ladies for all the advice it is very helpful :-)
          Melissa Middleton
          Yes, I would wait another week or two as well. Let us all know. :)
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