Traveling with a toddler and a baby

Any tips or ideas ...would be greatly making a list for what ill be taking and posting it in a bit ...and its a 24 hr drive uhhh im stressing out and its @4 weeks husband says yes that were going but u know how they change their minds at moments notice...hopefully he doesnt i wanna go somewhere ....also any games or toys that wouod ve helpful please mention it below thnx.

    We're taking a 9 hour drive in August.

    I'm taking almost all of our food-so I will have paper bags, kid friendly snacks and portion sizes and i'm going to buy toy from dollar tree for each meal we'll eat that way, basically a homemade happy meal and the new toy will keep them occupied for a bit.
    I haven't decided on what snacks we're taking yet, but definitely what the kids like.

    For the baby (1 year old), I'll have a couple of sippy cups. One full with water and one just empty in case we need it. My bigger kids also have cups that are just for the car. I bought regular drinking cups from Dollar Tree for snacks. They will fit in the cupholders or right beside them in the car seat and are harder to spill because they are deep cups.

    A bag of toys JUST for the car for each kid.

    Blankets, either for covering or sun shades to help with nap time in the car or both.

    We are getting up super early to go down there. My husband is used to it, but we're hoping it will help the kids sleep for a bit in the car.

    We have stops planned for about every three hours-at least long enough to go to the bathroom, get gas. We plan on eating lunch at a park where the kids can play and get some energy out, it doesn't matter to us if the kids eat while we're stopped, as long as hubby and i do.

    My 5 year old and 3 year old will each have a notebook full of coloring pages, crayons and a pencil.

    A cookie tray to help hold food and toys and their laps.

    I decided, too that for my 5 year old, i'm going to make him a trail, numbering each major city we go through, then write down near me which cities are which numbers. Since he always asks 'how long til we get there!!', we can tell him "we're between number 1 and 2".. and he can keep track of where we are.

    I'm making a little pillow for my bigger kids because they always look so uncomfortable while sleeping in the car.
    Thank u
    I hope it helps. And hope your husband realizes the need to let the little ones stretch. Our first road trip 3 years ago hubby didn't realize their need to get energy out. It got interesting to say the least.
      giess what i hate this really IT TURNS OUT WERE BOT GOING . IT SUCKS
      Oh no. :( I'm sorry for the disappointment.
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