okay moms need some help

i havent been keeping food down and its hard to eat anything and im losing some weight some one recomended peda light???

like i wont take meds for it haha . but i can keep down peanut butter sandwitch and mac and cheese . its like every week it changes . so ensure will help??
    Melissa Middleton
    Elena's suggestion was what I was thinking. Crackers and dry toast are easy on the stomach, too.

    I am having the same issues.
      You need protein. My fourth and fifth pregnancies I lost 10 pounds in the first trimester from morning sickness.
      Try crackers, peanut butter, eggs in the morning, yogurt.
      Eat what you're craving.
      I usually have to do a peanut butter sandwich four or five times a day until I can stomach more.
      If you can find a way to keep eggs down-do it. The cholin in eggs is great for baby. I used to make grilled cheese sandwiches with eggs in the middle.
      Have you tried adding shredded chicken or tuna to the mac and cheese?

      Home remedies... ginger (fresh-chew like gum, or ginger ale the brand Canadadry has actual ginger in it), peppermint (tea, hard candy).... My mind is going blank right now... Papaya enzyme was my life saver, basically a natural tums. $4 at Walmart.
      And I hate to say it, but sometimes you just have to eat the one or two foods your stomach can stand until you're feeling better.
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