two year old

I have a two year old who lately has been getting up at 5:30am in the morning, HELP!

    Melissa Middleton
    Yikes! Mine has been waking up in the middle of the night, mostly due to teething.

    He could be hitting another growth spurt. I know they go through stages where they abruptly change their sleeping patterns, too, or they are hitting another milestone and their brain will not rest.
      has anything changed lately? I know with James, if his routine gets out of whack by a couple of hours or so, he does not sleep as well and wakes up constantly.
        Do you breastfeed? If so what I do is just nurse back to sleep and co sleep til 8ish, but if that doesn't work have em play in the crib with some safe quiet toys.
          no i dont she is two and stuff, also as far as change i wonder if she knows that we are going to have another one on the way and is acting out to get attention and stuff?
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