been abit since I wrote anything, but no one really cares anyway... a lot going on..... been going t thru some family problems... getting yelled out by rents. And I don't even live there anymore... so attention everyone....!!!!! Anything's g does wrong in your life...... having a hard time getting pregnant ...in the words of . My father Its my fault( meaning me) can't find a job .. my fault.. it's raining .. also my fault............. also since I got married and even more since I had my son2 and a half years ago.. I am excluded from everyone's lives.. just for getting married and having a kid.... left out of everything........ also found out a couple months ago my grandpa has dementia..... alone in all this( hubby is here but he doesn't want to hear me go on and on about my stuff) .. I have A friend that our sons have play dates but she has other friends she talks to about stuff and I have no one....done now ,.....BUT WHO EVEN CARES TO HEAR STUFF FROM ME...... I don't really matter anymore just a shell of a women.....

    Melissa Middleton
    You matter. You matter to your son, and even if you only matter to a few people, that is something big.
    I am so sorry your family is being harsh towards you--it's their loss, please remember that. Sometimes people blame other people for things because they do not want to admit not see their own flaws and faults. Try your best to ignore their ignorant and hateful words.
    I am so sorry your grandfather has dementia. My mother-in-law does as well along with Alzheimers. It is never easy. They finally had to place her in a nursing home because she aspirated and has other medical problems that in-home nurses aren't equipped to handle. I know what you are enduring, somewhat. It's heart breaking and a lot to bear, especially alone.

    I wished we live closer. I'm an excellent listener, and I don't shun people away. Know that you are in my prayers. If you ever need to vent, feel free to message me on here or try to find me on Facebook: Melissa Jean Middleton (Goodwin).

    Remember that you matter. Do not allow others to make you feel less than you are worth.
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