been a mom?

been a mom sounds the greatest thing in the world is when you ready the perfect age i think 25 will be good..i got t pregnant at a very young age 16..i was very scared i had a little brother and sisters so i thought its not as hard as ppl make it seem,but i was totally wrong..when i had my first kid the things start to be real..the breast feeding park is so painful omg.but i thought do i stop because i knew my boobs were going to be different not as i had them..but when you a mom you have to stop thinking about your self and think for you i did that and i suffer..then the sleeping came wow lord it was so hard i only had 3 hours of sleep sometimes i just have nothing i would get so mad but then i would think iam not a teen no more iam a MOM!! the worst part is when they get SICK when you see your child sick and theres nothing you could do that they grow older it gets easier but not as easy because school comes you have to wake up leave them buy them school stuff is supper hard...but god gave us so much strength that we could handle anything..
when you a parent it dosent matter if you are 12 13 14 20 25 30 40
you are no longer by your self you are no longer a TEEN you are PARENT..there is no MAMA OR PAPA that could do what you have to do its your baby and your responsibility yes there there to help but not all the time!!

please TEEN girls protect your self and enjoy your teenage you will have lots of time to think about been a MOM....

coming from a mom that had her baby when she was 16..
take care and i hope this helps<3

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    Kim you said it perfectly :)
      I'm older than you and I still have "Oh crap, maybe I'm not ready to do this" moments. I haven't met a mama yet though who didn't feel that way or didn't get a big surprise when baby came. Good article though, thanks for sharing!
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