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Well I finally got my business straight with Avon and i am now selling it again. the people i am working with this time around are really good. I just want a job. I ended up going to school for a Patient Care technician against my better judgement.I passed my class , made it through Clinicals and i am now certified and looking for a job. I was working for a short time with a temp agency while i went to school. Of course i was laid off after school. I was able to collect unemployment but because of that my tanf case was closed. Its not easy living on $151.00 a week, so i am desperately searching for work. hopefully something will come along soon

Leah AshtonEatontown, New Jersey
Leah Ashton
i tried o desk. It was ok but the one job that contacted me just wasn't what i thought it was.
    Melissa Middleton
    I hope you find something soon, too. I'll be praying.
    Leah Ashton
    thank you. i will be too
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