Might be pregnant

Ok mommas I need ur opinion on something ok so I think I might be pregnant because I had a little pinkish blood spotting yesterday it only lasted a day. That's what I read it can last a day or two. But I might be getting ready to start my pd. So who knows..im hoping I'm pregnant so bad. If I am then if I'm right in around 4 weeks pregnant...I just don't know she is the right time to get a positive reading on the hpt.

    Melissa Middleton
    I tested five days before my missed period because I was having symptoms and so was my husband (he gets them, too, oddly). I got a positive. Of course I kept testing over the next three days and the total of five tests were positive. We took another at the health dept. for insurance reasons. And, you can guess what that reading was, too. ;)
      I found out 4 days after the day my cycle was supposed to start
      Melissa Middleton
      Have you taken a test yet?
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