Bleeding on and off. PMS cramping on and off! Sound familiar?

This has never ever happened to me before. I had a little bright red spotting on the 14th of this month. No other bleeding after that. Nada. Last night (the 18th), I get a little bright red spotting. I was like, "Okay, great! Welcome back, period. I'm going to need a pad." For the rest of that night, no blood. This morning, no blood. WTF???

I get period cramps on and off like someone is switching a light switch.

Has this ever happened to you ladies? I left a message to my gyno but she probably won't get it for a while. She is out of the office for a couple days. Mean while, I'd love to hear what you ladies think.

Oh, and hi! lol I haven't been on here in forever! :) Hope you all are doing great <3

    Tabitha, that sucks so much! I'm sorry you had to go through that! My IUD has 0 hormones in it. For the first month after my doctor put the IUD in, I bled heavily for a month. After that, everything was cool. My cycle is 24-27 days long. Never freakishly late or early. Good thing is that I'm having intense period cramps but then again, I had these intense cramps yesterday around the same time and no period came :p A pound of chocolate and a good nap sounds pretty great right now. Too bad I have a one year old hanging off my arm like a little monkey lol The joys of babyhood
      Melissa Middleton
      I was thinking, "pregnant," but I would test again in a few days to a week to see. I hope you can get a hold of your GYN soon. I've never had this before, so I am unsure.
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