So last week Ace's dad was sick, now I'm sick... except a lot worse than he was. Went to an immediate care center Thursday and was told that I had an upper respiratory infection. Was given the strongest cough syrup out there, and bough Tylenol - Severe cold and flu. The cough syrup worked great while it lasted, but once it wore off, I just felt like crap again. So today, still feeling bad, I went back to the dr. I was told that now I have an ear infection along with the virus :( And now, my Ace is sick! Luckily, he has had a dr apt scheduled on Monday for his 9 month check up and shots. But if he is sick, they wont give him the shots, right? ugh this is so stressful...

    Goodness I hope you all feel better soon. They won't give him his shots if he is sick or running a fever, or at least they shouldn't because his immune system is low due to being sick.
    Yeah, they normally wait until they are better. Shots are recommended at certain ages but they can also wait without it being a big deal. Tristen was a month or so late for a few of his shots. Hopefully he will get better though poor little guy.
      Melissa Middleton
      Oh my! I hope you feel better, Sidney.
      Yes, if they are sick (babies) they will postpone the shots for a week or two until the child is better.
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