Toddler Nutrition

So we have arrived at the stage where eating vegetables has become painful. Any ideas on how to include a veggie in lunch and dinner? My son will eat peas & carrots with macaroni & cheese (a small victory)

    Melissa Middleton
    I usually sneak them into whatever it is I am making. I mix fresh spinach into the spaghetti and my kids never know the difference. I wilt it into the spaghetti sauce. As far as veggies alone, I am not sure on what to do for older toddlers. My son still eats his veggies. It's my daughter who is picky about them, so we told her that if she eats them, she will be super strong and get muscles. Lol
    It is working for now on some; hence why I have to sneak them into casseroles and pastas.
      I am thankful my son loves veggies. It wasn't always that way. I just kept giving them to him and he eventually tried them and liked them. He will take kale or sautéed onions over his favorite peanut butter crackers any day! It took me almost three months of giving him raw broccoli almost every day before he would even try it though.
        my daugther is almost 2 years old and she usually eats peas & carrots.but I make zuquini,apple sauce and pineapple muffins,she likes them,so that way she gets more veggies.When she started solids would eat almost any veggies,but now she is "more selective" about what she puts in her mouth,she loves fruits,that what I craved more when I was expecting her.I think is a win because some toddlers won't eat fruit.
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