What is really normal?

So my daughter came back from her dads today and she told me that she told him that I let her go to bed really late here since school is out and that I let her go to bed at 1am one night. He told her that it isn't normal..How is it not normal? I work mainly nights and don't have to get up early so we stay up late. I have no problem with it cause school is out and we don't have to be up early. He also told her that only people who get up super early in the morning for work are hard workers. What?! I feel like he just always wants to find a way to put down how we live at my house..Also for some reason it seems lately there has been a debate between her and her dad on who has more money, him or me..He told her that I have more money because I get help from the government..Which is complete bullsh*t. Last time I checked if you need help then you are broke! I don't know why that one bothered me so much but it did..My child knows we have help but I just feel like he tries to put me down as often as possible. He tries to live this perfect fake life and to me that's not normal..Nobody is perfect and I love that me and my girls don't pretend to be. Just bugs me that he makes life seem like it's supossed to be so different than how we live..Sorry if this didn't make much since..I just needed to rant

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