Help for site issues...

Is there a HELP area for site issues?
I haven't found one yet.
Anyway, my issue is when I try to upload a new banner to my profile it just goes blank. I hit "ready" and save. But, nothing happens. Over & over again. For months now..
Never had that issue before.

Anyone? Thanks

Sure. When I click the edit profile link. Then change cover. It shows the new picture come up.. but when I hit ready. Then save.. it goes back to no cover picture. It hasn't saved it.
Google Chrome. My cover photo worked before. I changed it a few times. But, for the past months.. it has been messing up.
    I also don't get alerts that someone has left me a comment on one of my posts... Strange.
    Ok. Strange.. Not sure how it got turned off. I turned the notifications back on. lol thanks
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