How much to donate to a new photographer needing pictures for their porfolio

I have a photographer in my area looking to do some pictures to help build her portfolio and to use on her website. She is interested in taking some maternity pictures and newborn shots of my son when he is born. She is asking for donations and giving a cd with all of the pictures if I will allow her to use my pictures she took for her website. How much should I donate to her. I k now she is offering them for free but also I am letting her use my pictures. I can go to a profession for 200$ total for the 2 session together. What do you think?

    One of my close high school friends is trying to start her own photography business. All I've ever seen her ask for was maybe gas money or a donation of whatever you felt the photos deserved (I've seen donations from 10-100+ dollars, depending on how many photos, the settings/requests/etc). Other than that she'd just ask that we spread the word so she could try to get some actual business going.
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