Did you have a baby shower for Baby #2?


    My mom threw me one for when I was pregnant with Nina and now that I'm pregnant with baby #2, I'm not having another. My mom asked if it would be alright, but we live several states away now and we still have a lot of nina's old stuff, so it'd be kind wasteful. I know some people have a shower even when they're on like their 4th baby, which is fine. It's all about what you're comfortable with/need.
      I never had one with my first but my family threw me a small one with my second. I've known women who have had multiple kids and had a baby shower for each of them. Each baby deserves to be celebrated in my opinion.
        My friends threw me a small baby shower for our first baby. For our second, we didn't want another baby shower, but our family's insisted on having another small baby shower for baby#2. They said it was because a lot of the family was never able to attend the first one because of where we lived at time but personally, I think they threw the baby shower for us because they were happy that we were finally having another baby.
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