please don't get mad at me moms...

So James was weened a few months ago, then he spent one night away from David and I (we got home at like 3 am from a party) according to David's mom, James fell asleep fine but then she woke up when James started puking in bed. So now the only way James will fall back asleep some nights is to nurse from me. I know he's 2 years old and most moms are done nursing by then. Any advice helps!!

thanks for the advice. Ever since James getting sick while sleeping, his sleep cycle has been screwed up. It doesn't help that he has a hard time breathing out his nose while sleeping either. I think nursing has just been a comfort for him lately.
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    I've been told I'm a bad mother because I still nurse James at night occasionally.
      Its completely natural for James to nurse back to sleep, its more about comfort for him then anything. Don't beat yourself up about it. If your trying to cut out the night feeding try to cuddle and sway until he doses back to sleep or just half nurse to calm him then cuddle, it'll work out. I plan on naturally weaning, we will nurse until its no longer necessary.
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