Hello Lovely Ladies!!!

How's everyone doing? Hope all is well...


So the kids are great, getting big and soon Ozzie will be in Pre-k... as far as me I can tell ya I being in a Rollercoaster, so on Jun. 9 I go to the E.R with lots of pain In my chest, ribs, some where in my liver, kidney I just couldn't figure out what was really going on so for 6 month I thought it was an ulcer I had, so I head out at 4o'clock a.m to the e.r after blood test, x-ray, and all type of test come to find I had gallstones LOTS of them that was affecting my liver, kidney and ribs so I had to have an emergency surgery on Wednesday, I am glad the pain is going but I am just a mess with all these meds and after pain of the surgery!!!! Thank god for my mother that came to help me for awhile with my kids and house work... the hubby had being such an amazing support!!!

So that's my update... HOPE YA DOING OK... XOXO

Ever LopezFlushing, New York
    Melissa Middleton
    Oh, wow, Everllaliz! I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that you are feeling better today.
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