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How old should your baby be before you take the bottle a way?

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      Bethany Reilly
      As soon as my son turned one we waited until after his one year old shots and then took it away. I bought these sippy cups that I LOVE by Nuby. They're called grow with me. They come with a bottle spout and then when baby is ready you can switch to the sippy spout. They're awesome cups. I'd recommend them to any mom! http://mobile.walmart.com/ip/Nuby-2-Pack-3-Stage-…
        With my daughter I went cold turkey and took them away completely when she turned 12 months and no longer used formula, she caught on to sippys very quickly because she didn't have a choice lol. My son I actually switched from a bottle to a sippy at 7 months. I was tired of the fact that he wouldn't hold his own bottle but as soon as I gave him the sippy(the one with the handles) he started holding it, so that was it he never saw a bottle again.
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