Feeding ?

How old should your baby be before you take the bottle a way?

    my one that used bottles, I started weaning her off the bottle when she could hold it herself. It was taken away about 15 months.
    I'd slowly wean him off. A little less milk every night. If he still needs something give him water instead. There might be tears, but he'll be fine. With my oldest we went to the store and picked out a 'big girl bear'. He was her new toy for going to be with. She got her bottle and her bear to cuddle with. Once the bottle was gone. She still got the bear. It still held the security, gave her something to do with her hands.
      Bethany Reilly
      As soon as my son turned one we waited until after his one year old shots and then took it away. I bought these sippy cups that I LOVE by Nuby. They're called grow with me. They come with a bottle spout and then when baby is ready you can switch to the sippy spout. They're awesome cups. I'd recommend them to any mom! http://mobile.walmart.com/ip/Nuby-2-Pack-3-Stage-…
        With my daughter I went cold turkey and took them away completely when she turned 12 months and no longer used formula, she caught on to sippys very quickly because she didn't have a choice lol. My son I actually switched from a bottle to a sippy at 7 months. I was tired of the fact that he wouldn't hold his own bottle but as soon as I gave him the sippy(the one with the handles) he started holding it, so that was it he never saw a bottle again.
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