so i found info on my dad ... i am thinking i will write a letter and send it to him and see what happens ..it gives me a phone number but i think that might be a little to weird and i have no clue what i would say lol​

    Oh my gosh!! Very happy for you! And whoa, that was really quick that you found him. Do what you think is best, keep us updated, best of luck!
    my mom told me she had more info on him in my baby book ... so i was able to search him by SS# ..bday and full name :) made it a little easier to target the right one .. yea i am very nervous to write this letter but it will feel good to actually see what he says after 24 yrs ...
      Congrats!!I'm one of those people that talks better in writing. You know what I mean. I'm a little shy and don't like to talk to people I don't know and stutter a little(more like fumble over my words) when I'm nervous so if I write a letter it just comes out right. Good luck I hope it turns out how you want :).
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